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Hikvision DS-2SE7C432MW-AEB-14F1-P3


TandemVu 7-inch 4 MP 32X Colorful & IR Network Speed Dome

  • Captures a large area and great details at the same time
  • High quality imaging with 4 MP resolution
  • Excellent low-light performance with powered-by-DarkFighter technology
  • Secures an expansive area with 32× optical zoom and 16× digital zoom
  • Supports WDR, HLC, BLC, 3D DNR, defog, regional exposure, regional focus, rapid focus
  • Expansive night view with up to 200 m IR distance
  • Supports 24 VAC & Hi-PoE
  • Active strobe light and audio alarm to warn intruders off

Product Title:

Hikvision DS-2SE7C432MW-AEB-14F1-P3: 32X Optical Zoom PTZ Camera with AI Technology


Elevate your surveillance capabilities with the Hikvision DS-2SE7C432MW-AEB-14F1-P3 PTZ Camera. Designed for professional-grade monitoring, this camera combines a powerful 32X optical zoom with advanced AI technology, delivering unparalleled performance for your security needs.

Key Features:

  1. 32X Optical Zoom: Experience exceptional clarity with the 32X optical zoom capability. Capture detailed images even from a distance, allowing for versatile surveillance in various scenarios.
  2. AI-Powered Intelligent Analytics: Harness the power of artificial intelligence for smart analytics, including person detection, vehicle detection, and facial recognition. Enjoy proactive monitoring with real-time alerts for enhanced security.
  3. High Definition Imaging: The DS-2SE7C432MW-AEB-14F1-P3 provides high-definition imaging with a resolution of [insert resolution here]. Enjoy crisp and clear visuals for detailed surveillance, ensuring you don’t miss any critical details.
  4. Infrared Night Vision: Equipped with advanced infrared technology, this PTZ camera ensures effective surveillance even in low-light conditions. The IR night vision capability provides visibility in complete darkness, extending your security coverage around the clock.
  5. Weather-Resistant Design: Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, the camera’s robust design is rated for protection against dust and water. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  6. 360° Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Control: Benefit from full 360° pan and tilt control, allowing you to monitor every angle. The precise zoom control ensures you can focus on specific areas of interest with ease.
  7. Smart Tracking Technology: The smart tracking feature automatically detects and follows moving objects, ensuring that your surveillance system stays focused on potential security threats.
  8. Easy Integration and Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate the DS-2SE7C432MW-AEB-14F1-P3 with Hikvision’s NVR systems and software. The camera’s compatibility ensures a smooth setup and integration into your existing security infrastructure.


  • Large-Scale Property Surveillance
  • Perimeter Security
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Transportation Hubs and Critical Infrastructure
  • Public Spaces and Events


Invest in advanced surveillance technology with the Hikvision DS-2SE7C432MW-AEB-14F1-P3 PTZ Camera. Its powerful optical zoom, AI-powered analytics, and robust design make it a top choice for those seeking high-performance security solutions. Enhance your surveillance capabilities and maintain a secure environment with this state-of-the-art PTZ camera.


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