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Hikvision 32MP DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-F0-P5


32MP 360° Panoramic & PTZ Camera

  • High quality imaging with 32 MP resolution, up to 2 × 5520 × 2400 @30 fps for panoramic channels
  • Excellent low-light performance with DarkFighter technology
  • 40x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom provide close up views over expansive areas
  • Expansive night view with up to 250 m IR distance
  • With one click on the panoramic channel, the PTZ channel shows the details automatically
  • Continous and stable manual tracking, auto-tracking, and panorama tracking
  • Automatic switch between multiple targets
  • Supports 7 alarm inputs, 2 alarm outputs, 1 audio input, and 1 audio output

Product Title:

Hikvision 32MP DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-F0-P5: High-Resolution Dome Camera for Advanced Surveillance


Enhance your security infrastructure with the cutting-edge Hikvision 32MP DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-F0-P5 Dome Camera. Designed for professional surveillance applications, this camera boasts a remarkable 32-megapixel resolution, ensuring crystal-clear images and detailed footage.

Key Features:

  1. 32MP Ultra High-Resolution: Experience unparalleled clarity with the 32-megapixel sensor, capturing every detail with precision. This high resolution is ideal for critical surveillance scenarios where clear visuals are paramount.
  2. 360° Panoramic View: The DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-F0-P5 offers a full 360° panoramic view, providing comprehensive coverage without any blind spots. Its motorized pan and tilt functions allow for flexible positioning.
  3. Low-Light and WDR Performance: Equipped with advanced low-light technology and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), this camera excels in challenging lighting conditions. Capture clear images even in low-light environments or areas with intense backlighting.
  4. Smart Detection and Analytics: Benefit from intelligent features such as motion detection, intrusion detection, and line crossing analysis. Receive real-time alerts and notifications, ensuring a proactive approach to security.
  5. Weather-Resistant Design: Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, the camera’s durable construction ensures reliable performance outdoors. It is rated for protection against dust and water, making it suitable for various environments.
  6. H.265+ Compression: The camera utilizes H.265+ compression technology, maximizing storage efficiency without compromising video quality. This allows for extended recording durations and cost-effective storage solutions.
  7. Easy Installation and Configuration: With user-friendly installation procedures and intuitive configuration options, setting up the DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-F0-P5 is hassle-free. Its compatibility with Hikvision’s software and NVR systems ensures seamless integration into your surveillance network.


  • Commercial and Industrial Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Large-Scale Facilities and Public Spaces
  • Traffic and Transportation Surveillance


Invest in top-tier surveillance technology with the Hikvision 32MP DS-2DP3236ZIXS-D-440-F0-P5 Dome Camera. Its advanced features, high-resolution imaging, and robust design make it a reliable choice for securing your property. Elevate your security measures and gain peace of mind with this state-of-the-art surveillance solution.


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