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Apple Keyboard (A1243)

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The Apple Keyboard Model A1243, also known as the Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, was introduced by Apple as a wired keyboard featuring a full-sized layout with a numeric keypad. It was designed to complement various Mac desktop computers along compatible with windows and was notable for its sleek, low-profile design and integrated features.

Key Features:

Full-Sized Layout: The A1243 keyboard featured a full-sized keyboard layout with 109 keys, including function keys, a numeric keypad, and navigation keys.

Numeric Keypad: One of the prominent features of this keyboard was the dedicated numeric keypad on the right-hand side, which was beneficial for data entry, calculations, and spreadsheet work.

Slim Profile: The keyboard had a slim and low-profile design, fitting seamlessly with the aesthetics of Mac desktop setups. It incorporated an aluminum enclosure and keys with a comfortable typing experience.

Function Keys: The keyboard included function keys for adjusting screen brightness, volume control, playback control, and accessing various system features.

USB Connectivity: It was a wired keyboard that connected to the computer via USB, providing a stable and reliable connection.

Magnetic Feet: The keyboard had magnetic feet that allowed for an inclined typing angle, enhancing ergonomic comfort for users.

Media Controls: Conveniently placed media control keys allowed users to play, pause, skip tracks, and control media playback directly from the keyboard.

The A1243 keyboard was praised for its sturdy build quality, comfortable typing experience, and compatibility with Mac systems. However, as technology progressed, Apple eventually introduced wireless keyboards with Bluetooth connectivity, leading to the phasing out of wired keyboards like the A1243.

While the A1243 keyboard is no longer in production, it remains a reliable and functional accessory for those preferring a wired keyboard setup with their Mac systems and windows.


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