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APC Smart-UPS 2200


Product Description:

Introducing the APC Smart-UPS 2200 – Your Trusted Power Protection Solution

Ensure uninterrupted power supply for your critical devices with the APC Smart-UPS 2200. Designed to deliver reliable and efficient power backup, this uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is ideal for safeguarding your sensitive electronics and critical data during power outages.

Key Features:

  1. High-Performance Power Protection:
    • The APC Smart-UPS 2200 provides pure sine wave output, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices, including servers, networking equipment, and sensitive electronics.
  2. Extended Battery Runtime:
    • Equipped with a powerful battery, this UPS offers extended runtime to keep your devices powered during longer outages, allowing you to work or stay connected without interruptions.
  3. Intelligent Battery Management:
    • The intelligent battery management system maximizes battery performance and extends battery life, providing peace of mind in case of extended power disturbances.
  4. Scalable Runtime:
    • Customize your power backup solution by adding external battery packs to increase runtime as needed, adapting to the specific requirements of your equipment.
  5. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR):
    • The built-in AVR stabilizes fluctuating power conditions, protecting your devices from damaging voltage surges and ensuring a consistent power supply.
  6. LCD Display and Intuitive Interface:
    • Monitor UPS status, battery life, and other essential information through the user-friendly LCD display, providing a quick overview of the system’s performance.
  7. SmartSlot for Customization:
    • The SmartSlot allows you to customize your UPS with additional management options, such as network management cards or environmental monitoring devices.
  8. Hot-Swappable Batteries:
    • Replace batteries without interrupting power to connected equipment, ensuring continuous operation and reducing downtime.


  • Data Centers: Protect critical servers and networking equipment from power disruptions.
  • Home Offices: Keep computers, routers, and other electronics powered during outages for uninterrupted productivity.
  • Small to Medium Businesses: Safeguard vital systems, ensuring business continuity in the face of power fluctuations.

Invest in the APC Smart-UPS 2200 and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your valuable equipment is protected against power disturbances. Trust in the reliability and performance of APC, a leader in power protection solutions.


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